Here’s a helpful tip!

Stretching your resources as far as possible is good, sustainable business practice. You can promote your sales and marketing collateral to a much broader audience by presenting your content in Digital Catalogues, in multiple languages. Navigate to the Catalogue Manager on your Dashboard. Add and name a new Rack or Catalogue, then choose a language to present your content. You can use translations you’ve already done for itineraries (and custom iBrochure descriptions), or create catalogues in up to 9 different languages using Machine Translations. Next, add the Chapters, label them in the correct language (they won’t be automatically translated), then add itineraries and iBrochures. Here’s how.

The iBrochure drop-down menu will confirmwhat’s available; and only itineraries in that language will be offered for selection. Save and check out the amazing result. Clients can select to view the iBrochures in their preferred language from the menu in the top right corner.🐩

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