Here’s a helpful tip!

You want to customise a self-drive experience on a scenic route with interesting stops, different from Wetu’s default route. No problem! The Route Editing feature enables you to change the routing between two points or build a custom driving route where none exists.🛣

To change an existing route in your Itinerary Builder, the Route Builder lets you drag the route with your mouse to the desired routing on the map. Check on the written directions to the left if it flows correctly. Follow this guide to get it right. To add a new routing, the Self Drive (No Route) drop down option on the Route Builder Tab clicks open to the Custom Route Builder. Here you can Add Points to draw the desired route. Click here to learn how. Now you can provide different experiences to different clients of the same region in a few easy steps. Save it, tweak it later, swap it around.

If you need help plotting your self-drive routes, contact🏁

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