There’s strength in unity. We’re always in search of simpler, streamlined processes with technology that connects our industry. Let’s explore how we are stronger together.

A rose bush can grow quite nicely from planting some seeds, watering it and waiting for the sun to do its thing. But an award-winning rose garden needs soil expertise, special compost, pruning skills, and a bit of green finger magic. It’s the same with technology – the best solutions often come from collaborations. We believe that when compatible software solutions join forces, the results can yield major benefits for your business and the industry.

Collaborate to innovate

Markets are slowly starting to trade again as travellers start planning their future trips. You want to be ready to respond to that demand with time- and cost efficient processes that help you compete better for business. With so many moving parts to consider, you want to connect the dots well and to do it faster than your competitors.

We purveyors of travel tech each play a role in your world; some of us play several roles, and many of us play well together in a software ecosystem. At Wetu, we know that what we do, we do really well. But there are things we don’t do; so we’re constantly looking out for like-minded businesses to partner with and build a complete ecosystem together.

Great things in business are never done by one person

Steve Jobs

Typically, a piece of software addresses particular functions – like Wetu makes magic with travel content, or NightsBridge conjures up live availability for property marketers, or Tourplan makes child’s play of tour quotations and finance. It means technology has been tailor-designed to manage each of those moving parts expertly. We collaborate to innovate comprehensive solutions that bring you the best benefits from each system.

It’s our way of pruning, fertilizing and nurturing the processes that optimise your efficiency, and help you market and sell more effectively.

What’s in a partnership

It’s a joining of digital forces in pursuit of a single, common purpose. Like the bee and the flower, it’s a symbiosis of support and mutual respect between businesses whose main reason for being is to empower travel professionals like you with solutions that give you the competitive edge.

Together in travel

Partnerships are often forged in the desire to deliver a better service and a more holistic offering to a common client base. Both parties are invested in the partnership, to learn from each other and develop solutions together. If one fails, we all fail; but when each does their part, everyone wins – especially the client!

To coin a phrase, partners have each other’s backs with:

  • Shared responsibility, risk and strategy
  • Mutual support in process and product development
  • Shared competencies, knowledge and expertise
  • Leveraged assets and resources
  • Shared growth and continuous improvement
  • Creativity in product and/or service development

The big benefits

You have a complex set of problems to solve. When you align your business needs with software brands that understand your particular challenges, and they work together well, you stand to benefit big. In a synergy of shared expertise, one solution builds on other solutions in a fluid, user-friendly process.

To coin another phrase, you get more bang for your buck with:

  • Top flight admin, finance, invoicing and CRM management
  • Secure reservations and payment options
  • Access to content and travel info you didn’t have to curate
  • Automated sales and marketing in multiple channels
  • Increased brand exposure to grow your market share
  • A community of trade partners, networking and sharing information
  • Enhanced service and a more trusting relationship with technology

When forces join, magic happens

When software systems jam together, the funky tech speak that explains the connections might not inspire you, but the results will thrill you! The good news is that there’s always ongoing training available to support you on both sides of a partnership. So how does it work?

Bridging the gaps

Do you build tours or manage properties? Through systems integrations and partnerships, one software solution can bridge gaps in the other offering, and vice versa.

  • Are you a tour operator in need of a game-changing itinerary builder? Let’s say you’ve got a world-class quoting system that ticks all the boxes, except for your content and publishing needs. Through a streamlined integration, you can build a booking in one system, and the details are sent automatically to the other system where a gorgeous, interactive itinerary is generated. The result is easy to update with no double work required and fewer errors. Quoting gets done faster, with superior outputs.
  • Are you a property marketer wanting a better buying experience for your future guests? Let’s say they find your product showcased in a gorgeous digital brochure and fall in love with it, but they can’t see what rooms are available for their travel dates. By partnering with an established front-desk booking system, your brochure can link to an external page, directing enquiries to a reservations portal with all the detail the traveller needs. The result is quick access to live availability, pricing and secure payment.

In these scenarios, separate software components with different sets of expertise complement each other as much as they bridge gaps in their individual offerings. Their collaboration empowers you to engage your clients better, reduce friction in the booking process, and enhance the buying experience for travellers.

The holistic approach

As a Wetu user, you are already positioned to benefit from a web of interconnecting systems – you just need to tap into it. This software ecosystem can connect you with digital resources that take the ‘hole’ out of holistic. Picture this:

A tour consultant takes 15 minutes to build an in-depth itinerary using Wetu content, starting with a quick perusal of the live, updated COVID-19 regulations in place for the chosen destination(s) on the Passolution platform. In the itinerary builder tool, a plug-in enables the consultant to check live availability for the client’s chosen accommodation and generate a high-end quote with ResRequest or another from a selection of tour operating software partners. The itinerary output is interactive and user-friendly, and resembles a website with high-res imagery, packed with essential travel info, descriptions, maps and directions. It is then distributed to the Umapped itinerary sharing platform, which is visited by a global community of travel companies, and draws even more attention to all products represented therein. The possibilities are endless.

In this scenario, symbiotic software partnerships cover a variety of operational needs to service you comprehensively, from end to end. The processes are stitched together seamlessly, which enhances the selling experience for travel professionals.

How integrations rule

We learned about the impact of systems integrations on Wetu users from our partner, Toursys and our expert Integrations Team.

Wetu has been a very good component to integrate…Toursys sends the information to Wetu & creates beautiful online itineraries we can send our customers

Toursys CEO, Luis Cardenas

How it saves time

Toursys helps the user sell, quote, reserve, and operate but the integration goes the extra mile with more functionalities and content from Wetu. With no duplication of effort, no time wasted or costly mistakes made as they might do creating itineraries manually, users definitely save time.

How it simplifies workflow

It boils down to a simple two-step process: download, update and manage the information from the Wetu account, then use that info to create a simple and efficient workflow in Toursys – to quote, reserve, operate and account. Itineraries are created automatically!

How it helps optimise resources

It opens the door to a new paradigm offering users the best of two worlds – the content and visual aesthetic that sell better, coordinated with all the logistics and management of sales. Time saved through the integration can be spent converting other quotes into bookings. Users become more efficient and respond faster to enquiries, improving their chances of being first to make their proposal to a client.

Power on

There’s fresh demand blooming on the horizon. As you prepare to compete for your share, cast a critical eye over your operations and identify the gaps. Once you allow partner power to prune your processes and strengthen your systems, you’ll wonder how you ever managed before. We’d love to see your business flourishing and thriving, fully supported by travel tech.

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