You can produce professional, content-rich interactive itineraries quickly, provide a superior sales experience, and convert business more effectively with a Wetu-Tourplan Integration. Tourplan takes care of the quoting, pricing, reporting and financial side of business; Wetu provides content management and beautiful itinerary outputs to support your marketing and sales efforts. The integration is simple – this guide shows you how.👈🏽

In short:

  • better outputs help you make better conversions
  • eliminate the stress and cost of content management
  • win back time with a more efficient integration process
  • service your agents better to help them sell more effectively

New and improved integration The laborious technical set-up process that used to take around 2 weeks, now takes only 15 minutes to set up before you can generate beautiful Wetu itineraries based on your Tourplan bookings. A new messaging template in Tourplan that extracts the booking info Wetu needs to build an itinerary, has replaced the restrictive API previously used. Database security has also greatly improved.

We love the new integration. It is much easier & faster. There are lots of features you can add & make the itineraries much more interesting. All our itineraries can now be done by one system & they all look very professional. Synchronizing is easy & fast. We love it!!

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Wetu integrates with a TOS to help you save time, optimise your resources and always present inspiring, professional proposals.🏆 As a Tourplan user, we can set you up with a Wetu test account and enable it to receive Tourplan bookings to see what your Wetu outputs would look like. As a Wetu user, if you’re considering using Tourplan and want to see how the integration works, contact to get you started.

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