You can get your tour products distributed further than your immediate marketing reach and make it easier for agents to sell your tours: a Wetu-Umapped Integration helps you get the job done. The process is simple – use this guide on the integration to get you started.📈Boost your sales prospects significantly with your tour products published on the Umapped platform, used by extensive networks of travel professionals worldwide to collaborate on itineraries.

In short:

  • agents can access, view and collaborate on your published itineraries
  • users can live message each other on the platform and collaborate on tours
  • your itineraries can be co- or un-branded for mobile and/or printable outputs

“The collaborative functionality in Umapped between suppliers, agencies, & travelers finally brings everyone together, increasing productivity & providing travelers with an engaging mobile experience, ultimately enabling additional revenue.” 
– Joss Kent, CEO andBeyond 

When Wetu integrates with a TOS, it’s to help you save time, make the best of your resources and always put your best client-facing foot forward with beautiful, professional proposals. Now you can add collaboration with trade partners and increased visibility of your products to the list of rewards!💰 Contact with any of your Wetu integrations queries.

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