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Get your Activities Content into the sale

20 September 2016

So you’ve got lovely pictures of your property in your iBrochure, but travellers want to know about the full experience you have to offer them….

Get creative with your Digital Catalogue focus

20 September 2016

Combine your Digital Itineraries and iBrochures according to a particular geographical area or experience you wish to sell, and put them into a targeted Digital…

Wetu popping up here & there..

19 September 2016 0

We’ve just been featured in a newsletter published by Africa Adventure.net on the subject of Information Technology in Tourism. With this issue focusing on Content Distribution,…

Extend your brand presence to Social Media

13 September 2016

Tap into the social sharing scene because that’s where your travellers are. Get your clients consuming and engaging with your content and brand in multiple…

Add your Company video for that human touch

6 September 2016

Modern travellers need you to strike a fine balance between a digital impact and the human touch.🙋One way to do that is to produce a…

See how you too can conquer the content challenge

6 September 2016

Get the most out of your content in Wetu. Tired of hearing us telling you to update and refresh your content? Well, there’s method to…

Define Transfers more clearly in your Route Builder

30 August 2016

You’re plotting the routing of a client itinerary and want to define the modes of transport more clearly. It may not be enough to just…

Release Notes

25 August 2016

Our work is a labour of love – we innovate to make your work easier and more efficient. Here is the latest crop of new…

Produce, Present & Promote Content that rocks

24 August 2016 0

The evolution of the modern traveller dictates regular reinvestment in the way travel products are produced, presented and promoted. Sure, it sounds like a lot…