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Getting friendly with Facebook

20 June 2017 0

Like it or leave it, Facebook is here to stay. In fact it’s going places, deeper into the tourism digital space and onto so many…

Get your piece of the Facebook action

13 June 2017 0

Facebook is one of the most popular social apps used by Millennial travellers. Displaying your product content on Facebook for your share of the action….

Give your clients some activity options

13 June 2017 0

Your clients want to feel they have some control of their travel planning, so give them every possible¬†Activity option suitable to their itinerary. With the…

The Facebook of Things

6 June 2017 0

Let’s face it.. what started out as a space dedicated to curiosity, quickly became a forum for vainglorious self-advertising. Facebook speaks to our primal need…

Accommodation alternatives spice up your offering

30 May 2017 0

You want to provide your clients with some accommodation alternatives to choose from – they need and appreciate the maximum amount of detail on their…

Mind your content language

23 May 2017 0

Managing your content means managing your languages.Good content strategy focuses on the end user, not the product. Consider how clients experience your brand, then offer…

Put your best content forward

23 May 2017 0

Beautiful interactive itineraries need engaging product content and 100% content rating is the sweet spot. In the Itinerary Builder Accommodation stage, a drop-down menu offers…

Wetu does Indaba 2017

19 May 2017 0

The rain-tempered humidity, the setting-up and sore feet, the smiling and posing, the meeting of minds and the sealing of deals, making new friends, putting…

What Millennials want from you

16 May 2017 0

It’s a bit like trying to catch an eel, I’d imagine.. that’s what the Millennial traveller represents to suppliers of tourism with its apparently fickle…