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Something to celebrate

11 May 2017 0

Wetu has come a long way – 8 years to be exact – from that very first map with collated Africa content launched at Indaba…

The matter with Millennials

2 May 2017 0

The exciting, but scary thing about Millennials is that they’re becoming increasingly prominent fixtures in global tourism, yet notoriously hard to pin down and pigeonhole….

Personalise itineraries with the necessary detail

2 May 2017 0

The more detailed the itinerary, the richer it is, the better. Personalise your client itineraries with minimal effort and time. The Itinerary Builder enables you…

Manage your specials & score

2 May 2017 0

Managing your content means keeping an eye on your published Specials too.Visit your Specials home page from your Dashboard and preview your specials to see…

Invite the traveller to your table

26 April 2017 0

The smells and sight of food, deliciously presented, the dining experience invites you to sample culinary treasures that are like a cultural excursion taken right…

Getting from points A to B in detail

25 April 2017 0

You’re custom designing a tour that needs some hairsplitting detail on how to move between 2 points. On the Route Builder stage, select the ‘Mode’…

Wetu goes to WTM Africa 2017

18 April 2017 0

The travel trade is getting into gear, as excited as Team Wetu at an Easter Egg hunt🐰 (actually that was just a scary spectacle), to Meet…

Dishing up travel for food lovers

12 April 2017 0

Food tourism is the experience of culture on a plate. The one thing that no person can (nor wants to) live without it has broken…

Behind Wetu doors

6 April 2017 0

As much as I’d like to say what happens in Wetu, stays in Wetu.. alas (I lie)! Sharing is caring. Just another Beer Pong event…