As much as I’d like to say what happens in Wetu, stays in Wetu.. alas (I lie)! Sharing is caring. Just another Beer Pong event on Friday Beer o’ clock at Wetu HQ.


When we do something, we do it properly


Tiaan getting his potatoes in a twist

No travel tech was injured during the filming of this event.

Wetu is all about creating a supportive environment within which to work more efficiently – for our clients and ourselves. Hence the introduction of our new set of ergonomically-designed work stations and ottomans to our sunny morning corner. It’s a very productive space.


Robin, Busi & Kate getting stuff done!


JackieZ getting Human Resourceful in the corner


Megan taking support to a higher level



Carlyn read for a BA in Tourism, Language & Communication Studies


Megan received her BTech in Tourism Management


Palesa clutching her National Diploma in Journalism














Ending off with a bit of a Wetu brag, here are 3 of our team members who graduated recently – we’re extremely proud of their achievements. Congratulations ladies! Megan is a veteran Wetu Support Superstar, Palesa has joined our illustrous team of Content Writers, and Carlyn is the latest addition to the Supplier Team. #TeamWetu’sGotTalent

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