You’re custom designing a tour that needs some hairsplitting detail on how to move between 2 points. On the Route Builder stage, select the ‘Mode’ applicable to the respective journey leg

Self-drives Choose an icon, type, departure and arrival dates, a start time, add GPS coordinates, distance, duration and directions; also available as a customisable No Route option.

Transfers Choose an icon, type, company name and contact details, vehicle type and reference, PU/DO locations and times; also available as a customisable No Route option.

Flights For scheduled and charter flights include flight, contact and airport details, flight times.

Trains and Boats Both options will open Fixed Route Lists pre-loaded by Wetu.

Hike Choose from a Fixed Route List and click on the icon to add more detail.

Go into great detail with additional travel information, for e.g. if you want to tweak a copy of an existing sample itinerary for a new client. Contact for some direction. 

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