Wetu has come a long way – 8 years to be exact – from that very first map with collated Africa content launched at Indaba 2009.. Up until a year ago, we were still calling ourselves a start-up, but it’s safe to say we’ve outgrown those baby booties. It’s been a wonderfully exciting, sometimes rocky, ride and an extremely rewarding one. We pride ourselves on the fact that we’ve been helping travel companies work more efficiently, sell smarter, collaborate better, and grow their business.

Your travel tech in safe hands

The journey continues as we forge ahead with a system and service that we have absolute faith in. On Wednesday, May 10th we celebrated, with HQ festooned in true uninhibited Wetu style.. 🎉

Team Wetu thanks all who’ve walked the path with us and looks forward to forming many more prosperous partnerships in the year ahead.

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