The rain-tempered humidity, the setting-up and sore feet, the smiling and posing, the meeting of minds and the sealing of deals, making new friends, putting faces to known names, the sharing and caring, the wow’s and back slaps, the tasting and snacking, chicken and chicks, the schmoozing and late night partying.. it was a celebration of tourism in all its guises. That was #INDABA2017 at the Durban ICC, 16 to 18 May.

When Wetu was launched at Indaba 2009, it would’ve been hard to imagine how far we’d come in so few years. Back then, the main agenda was to collate African content on a map for easy access. But the travel industry had deeper problems that caught our attention – we plunged in and have never looked back. Eight years later we’ve effectively created a home for travel content, digital sales and marketing tools, and the tourism professionals who make travel happen. Innovations are ongoing as our developments are client-motivated, but what we’re most excited about now is our expansion across the globe.

Wetu’s known for its extensive African content, but we’re breaking ground worldwide. We’re growing the number of countries supported with content as well as the number of countries using our system globally. We celebrated our 8th birthday, thankful to all who’ve walked the path with us, with a warm Wetu welcome to our new partners from Indaba 2017.

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