Check your content rating (CR) each time you log into your Dashboard. Awesome, dazzling, sparkly content sets you apart from other properties/activity companies in the area that sell similar experiences to yours – a good CR is a solid start. The closer you get to 100% CR, the better your chances of being noticed by the trade and public. They’ll see your rating and compare with that of other suppliers in the vicinity.

Content rating

Add your Facilities and Activities, Rates and Documentation to your iBrochure to further boost your CR. To operators it indicates the depth and quality of your product content and motivates them to use your products in their sales. It makes their itineraries look better and gets your products seen, used and sold more. Potential clients get a proper view of what they can expect to experience, so they don’t need to search the Internet for more info. Contact for help with your final push toward .

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