Transport your clients on a virtual exploration of their travel dreams, with your own mark on it! Get your content looking different from everyone else’s and create some unique itineraries. After all, it’s the showpiece of your travel expertise and destination knowledge, the standard bearer of your brand. It informs, inspires and sets the imagination adrift. So customise that content..


Depict your brand personality with customised descriptions and add those special nuances with imagery that suits your brand, matches your unique themes or speaks to individual clients. Selling a family itinerary with family activities in child-friendly establishments? Then your imagery needs to convey that friendliness and omit the references that don’t apply.


Destination content – customise the description text, destination name and general information, images and destination banners, hyperlink, translate text into multiple languages.

Preferred Suppliers – customise the description text, translations, room descriptions, images, activities, directions.

Customise content for any site/ attraction/ restaurant/ area/ infrastructure/ contact person/ info you want added in the languages your clients need it/ Change existing content/ Use hybrid content.


Choose the items you want to customise in Admin on your Dashboard. Do your magic and save. For hybrid content, just mix & match existing supplier images with your own uploaded images, and rearrange in order of preference for the story you wish to tell. Done!

And then.. Your customised content is now available to be included in any new itineraries and automatically reflects in your existing ones. This content is only accessible to your account users. Meanwhile, any updates made to default Supplier content or by Wetu won’t be visible to you. Revert back to base content by deleting your custom content.

Add your own special flavour to your content. Be unique, stand apart, customise.

By being yourself, you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before.

Edwin Elliot

In Wetu terms, that’s getting across your message in your voice. Need a hand? Consult this doc.

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