Keep your busy day running smoothly while you work, with these housekeeping reminders 

  • Login to your account regularly to update and refresh your content. Remember it may take up to 15 minutes¬†for any changes made and saved to reflect on the front end.
  • Indicate your Contact Preferences under General Information, below Contact Details, whether you want to be notified each time your products are used, or monthly, or not at all. It’s meant to help you keep track of the frequency with which your content is accessed, important info to have for your content strategy.
  • Status Update – Check this page if something goes wrong with your system due to an outage on our side. See which parts of our service are operational (and the extent) or Subscribe to Updates to be notified by email once issues are resolved.

Getting back to the important and more fun parts of your job, let help you if you need it. We’re here to serve

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