Further boost your iBrochure rating by adding your Contact Details and ensure you’re always easy to reach. What travellers expect and our clients demand in exchange for their loyalty is to: see your awesome website, engage with you on Social Media (SM), talk to you (in different ways for convenience), book your services, and write reviews of their experiences. Put all these details in Admin in one central🔘

  • front desk phone number or Whatsapp contact for emergencies
  • for reservations – email, Skype, GDS code, online registration link for Book Now option
  • links to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest pages; invite your guests to share pics/videos of their own experience of your product on your sites – it’s free *UGC!!

All of these super helpful details then appear where the world can see and use them, on the last tab of your iBrochure Information page. Contact us on support@wetu.com for assistance.

*UGC = User Generated Content

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