Your November gift, with love from Wetu

20 October 2020 0

Great travel content has the power to excite, tap into the imagination, and make travellers wish they were there. Whether you create your own or…

Provide COVID-19 Notices on your Itineraries

7 October 2020 0

You can keep future clients updated on accurate COVID-19 safety info directly from your suppliers whose products are included in your travel proposals. The COVID-19…

Add a COVID-19 Notice to your Content

1 October 2020 0

As travel starts returning to some sectors, so the demand will grow for documented evidence of COVID-19 safety protocols in place at properties, activities and…

Attract new partners with branding options

22 September 2020 0

This is a good time to connect or re-connect with new or existing Tour Operators or Travel Agents to re-market your products. Whether you direct…

Connect and collaborate with collateral

22 September 2020 0

Do you want to connect or re-connect with trade partners to collaborate on new products and target new markets? Whether you direct message (DM) new…

Your October gift, with love from Wetu

17 September 2020 0

The return to travel beckons. Does your product content showcase the post-lockdown experiences you wish to promote and sell? Take a leaf from the book…

Your September gift, with love from Wetu

27 August 2020 0

The return to travel beckons, locally, regionally and nationally. Time to get ready with fresh content to showcase your products and help sell post-lockdown tours….

Highlight your new terms on itineraries

25 August 2020 0

Need to highlight new Terms and Conditions applicable to your future trips?🛂While you’re in quoting stage, you can draw the client’s attention to important documents…

Keep track of shared info

20 August 2020 0

It’s important to stay on top of how your company and product info, rates and confidential docs are distributed among your trade partners across the…