Here’s a helpful tip!

Need to highlight new Terms and Conditions applicable to your future trips?๐Ÿ›‚ While you’re in quoting stage, you can draw the client’s attention to important documents they need to sign before confirming the booking – right on the Digital Itinerary, on a dedicated Documents page.

  1. Under the Documentation Tab in Admin, locate Important Notices. Upload your new Terms and Conditions doc, and mark it visible to public. Save.
  2. Under Themes Tab in Admin, locate your theme and click Manage to open your Template Settings. Select the Standalone page option for your Documents. Save.

In your Itinerary Builder, apply the amended Theme in Step 1 and save. Go to the Introduction section in Step 6 and add a note directing the client to the Documents page to read and sign the Ts&Cs, and return it to you.

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