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Wetu Stories Part VI

30 November 2017 0

Our clients are our business – our products are our passion. The year is free-falling towards that time when we start reflecting on what we…

What Wetu’s doing in Latin America (for you)

20 November 2017 0

One sexy continent, a million sights to see, a lifetime of memorable experiences. Whatever they desire, there’s a destination to suit every traveller’s needs. History,…

Wetu warriors strike again!

24 October 2017 0

On Saturday, 21st October, Team Wetu dispatched a motley crew of utter nuts off to Meerendal in the Western Cape to drag the Wetu colours…

Wetu Stories Part V

24 October 2017 0

You know you’re winning when your staff is passionate enough about your brand to stay loyal through the early start-up period with its teething issues…