For a guy who’s been working since age 12, picking tomatoes and delivering newspapers, Brian has always had an appreciation for quality control, efficiency, service and communication.

So he landed in the right spot doing his internship with the Marketing team. If you ask him what his most enduring memories will be, it’s the endless conversations about food, the creativity making tech look sexy, the bad puns (not mine), jokes (all mine), and pranks.

But that’s not all that he learnt..

The Brain experience For his first desk job, he found Wetu less physical but more mentally exhausting. He initially thought the hours were so easy, he’d never go home tired. Ha! He was very wrong. Regardless..

I prefer doing work with my brain instead of doing physical labour.

Hence, the name Brain, Brian. One thing he noticed was how different Wetu departments work really well together. Colleagues walk around the office talking and strategising together; the boardrooms are fully booked most of the time. That’s in the Wetu DNA – we love meetings.

I really like an environment like this. I like to work in a team & come to solutions for different problems together.. & the flexibility with time

There are few things more valuable to a team than a constructive meeting of minds and the sharing of knowledge. That’s how you feel invested in your growth as a team. That’s why Wetu always listens to clients, elicits feedback and develops the service around that.

The impact of Wetu A traveller himself, it’s clear to Brian that Wetu is more about the experience of travel (buying and selling it) than about money. He likes that anyone who calls us on the phone will hear an enthusiastic, genuinely helpful voice on the other side. It should always be clear that Wetu is a caring brand. is okay to have fun while you work. It’s in all the messaging that they send out in the world, in their imagery too

That’s part of the image we’re building our brand awareness around, when we’re not being serious about travel tech, that is. Brian reckons Wetu is making big strides forward in that respect as the brand is finding its place in the global travel industry.

<strong>What an intern does in his spare time: TRAVEL</strong> As a traveller, even he has crossed over in a sense: near the end of his internship, he took a trip around South Africa, which he’d like to share with you. He’ll never look at an itinerary the same way again. Click it!👆🏿

Brain’s Top 5 Wetu moments

  • Adulting 101 (internal training courses for the selectively inept) on using Power Tools. That was in his first week here and gave him a perfect introduction to the company culture.
  • Movie night (although he opted for the kiddie rather than scary movie, no judgement here)
  • You Rock Award👈(for his excellent contribution to the team in such a short time, although he’s so humble, he doesn’t think he deserved it.. awww!)
  • Visit to Erica Place, home for the elderly, on Mandela Day (after an apprehensive start, it was an incredible experience for him to make some difference to the lives of the residents).
  • Working with the Wetu Marketing Team (quote, unquote)

And so we bid the Brain a fond vaarwel and congratulations on becoming fully Wetu Certified. 3 Months later, he’s back at uni and started a 2nd degree in e-Commerce, Marketing and Sales – we happily take credit for bringing him to that decision. Also for the solid 9/10 mark he got for his internship assignment, and the fact that he’s recently started his own company. That’s how we like our interns to go forth and conquer.🎓

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