Wetu hosted a group of local learners on June 18th as part of their FutureMe Learning Journey. The learners were from Christel House High School in Cape Town, in Grades 10 and 11, selected for this event based on their career interests and psychometric feedback. The FutureMe Learning Journey is an expedition into the world of work and Wetu was thrilled to play a part! Thanks for choosing us, FutureMe!

Members of Team Wetu took the opportunity to showcase their respective departments and jobs to demonstrate the depth and extent of career possibilities within a technology company, like Wetu, and the skills required to do the job. Learners were encouraged to ask questions (and they certainly asked good ones), practise their networking skills and take notes.

Sharing their knowledge and insights, amongst other team mates and pictured here, were: COO Greg; student interns Joshua and Nathan; Software Developer Jake; Test Analyst Ursula; Graphic Designer Robin; Onboarding and Training Specialist Megan; Supplier Engagement Specialist Busi; BDM Luvuko.

The learners were invited to explore Wetu HQ, stop at desks, watch the magic in action, and chat to staff while they worked. Kids, we hope you learnt loads from us and that we’ve given you some constructive food for thought as you decide your futures. Thanks for your interest and attention! Good luck to FutureMe – keep up your great work👌

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