Time to stretch those muscles and get warmed up for a busy year of selling travel. Last year we piloted our Wetu 101 Boot Camp Series to help you get better at using your Wetu tools. The first 6 sessions were well received and in March 2019, Wetu Academy is back!

A reminder Boot Camp consists of webinar-style training sessions, about 20 minutes long, once a month on #WebinarWednesday. During the session, we cover material specific to one topic – we’ve chosen these topics based on what you and other clients have expressed the biggest need for. Please feel free to send us your own suggestions for boot camp if there’s something different you’re struggling with or need a refresher course for. You can respond directly to this article or email your Onboarding Specialist to fill us in.

Register here for the course(s) that interest you and also check out the recordings of our 2018 sessions. Here’s what’s coming next:

1⃣ Adding Overnight Boats to an itinerary

2⃣ Working with the Catalogue Manager

3⃣ Make the Consultant Portal work for you

4⃣ Breaking down the Route Builder

How it works A typical session entails a member of our Onboarding Team taking you through the subject first, followed by some Q&A. It will run from 10am SAST based on a minimum requirement of 5 attendees per session. Recordings of all sessions will be made available for your convenience. As always, we appreciate any feedback on how the sessions work for you (or not and why). For now, keep an eye out for a booking schedule coming to your Dashboard soon as well as email reminders to book your spot. We’ll get you Wetu fit in no time!

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