Content Distribution

6 Content Pains you need never suffer again

30 March 2017 0

Content may be king, yes, but it can be a royal pain in the you-know-what to manage if you don’t have a good system to use….

4 Steps to becoming a DC Distribution Superhero

15 December 2016 0

Digital Catalogue: compilation of all your stellar sample itineraries in super-efficient format that’s as easy to access as child’s play. In these 4 simple steps…

Simplify your Marketing efforts

8 November 2016 0

Finding a single solution to market all the products you sell is a challenge we can help you with. Streamline your content management and simplify…

10 MIND BLOWING reasons to get an Enhanced Listing

31 October 2016 2

No Supplier should be without one. Fear of the unknown, untried and untested can be debilitating, sure, but the benefits of trying this on for…

Best practice Content Distribution hacks

25 October 2016

It’s no good having awesome content if it doesn’t get around! Tick off your optimal distribution checklist: Inform everyone in your sales/marketing teams that your…

Your best business practices with Content in Wetu

27 September 2016

We salute you for your tireless efforts to bring the best you have on offer to clients and travellers the world over! And we applaud…

Wetu popping up here & there..

19 September 2016 0

We’ve just been featured in a newsletter published by Africa Adventure.net on the subject of Information Technology in Tourism. With this issue focusing on Content Distribution,…

See how you too can conquer the content challenge

6 September 2016

Get the most out of your content in Wetu. Tired of hearing us telling you to update and refresh your content? Well, there’s method to…

Supplier Case Study: Simple & Effective Content Management & Distribution

20 September 2015

Getting the best hotel content into the sale, efficiently. Content is king, yes, but it can’t rule efficiently with poor management and distribution systems. Even…