Want a bigger share of the pent-up travel demand? Respond faster to enquiries with compelling sales assets.

As new enquiries come in thick and fast, you really need to speed up that turnaround time and enable your team and trade partners to access more sales prospects. Your existing digital assets are already a huge investment in your time and expertise – let’s build on that! 

Top seven efficiency hacks

There’s a lot more to gain from your amazing tour products than using them for once-off sales. Dip into your Wetu toolkit to repurpose your assets and generate new prospects:

1. Classify your itineraries, Day Tours and components. When you get an enquiry and you know you have the perfect product for it, you can quickly search by tags and labels in your Itinerary Browser to find the right one to sell. 

 2. Copy and repurpose existing itineraries for new sales. Make an exact copy, copy as a sample or personal itinerary, or copy as a component (part of a greater new itinerary). Starting from scratch, if you add a component or two, you can generate a new proposal in no time. 

 3. Reverse an itinerary with the simple click of a button. You can flip a popular route, re-order the sequence of accommodation and routing details, edit your Planner notes, and a brand-new itinerary is born! 

 4. Transfer itineraries and components from one consultant to another (within one Wetu account). Sharing expertise and existing assets saves everyone time and effort. The recipient can use as is or make changes to inside their own profile. 

 5. Machine Translations make tour products quickly available to sell in other language markets. Choose a language in the Itinerary Details stage of your builder – the system translates the itinerary framework; you do the manual translation of Day Notes and price details. 

 6. Rebrand or unbrand your itineraries, and make your assets easily available to your agents and re-sellers. Choose the option that suits them best, then share and empower their sales experience. 

 7. Post itineraries and components to other Wetu account holders, and support your external trade partners by helping them respond quickly to enquiries. You score similarly when they share their tried and tested assets with you – watch this:

Keen to respond quickly to new enquiries? Log in now and get hacking.

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