To get eyes focusing on your brand again, re-introductions are in order! Dazzling, digitised content paves the most effective path to reigniting engagement with your brand.

Two shortcuts will get your brand the attention it needs now: aesthetic appeal and digital accessibility. Time to revisit and revise your product content with deliberate intention to accurately portray your brand’s ‘what’ and ‘why’, and then share it liberally online; so that, wherever and whenever the dreamers and the trade encounter your brand, they are wowed into action.

A brand in need of attention

There’s no way to predict if your old trade relationships will be enough to help you compete for a share in the impending travel surge. Or if the absence of traditional in-person deal-brokering will become a deal breaker for you. And as travel brands increasingly compete for attention online, how do you avoid disappearing into the noise?

You need a rapid, relevant response: a strategy that helps your brand outshine the rest, and makes it accessible. Through our tech-tinted lens, we can see a product showcased in beautiful content and optimised for easy digital consumption, blossoming into a brand that invites meaningful engagement.

Optimised for aesthetic appeal

The wow factor is the why factor – the reason you get picked. The choice of one tour product, hotel stay, activity or culinary experience over another is emotionally charged. Consider the travel dreamer’s current mindset – you need to ‘stage’ your proposals, itineraries and brochures persuasively to address those emotions. By putting on a luxurious display of content, you create the impression of a luxurious experience with a luxury, professional brand that promises to delight the client from the first encounter.

What motivates future guests and clients to engage with your brand for longer and look deeper at your product offering? Eye-catching and dynamic, media-rich content. The right photographic imagery can evoke wanderlust, the desire for escape, wellness, relaxation or adventure, for a chance to bond with family and friends, and ultimately help revive interest in your brand. It makes the viewer stare and wish they were there.

Moving imagery is especially powerful and emotive. Did you know that the most searched-for travel content on Google are virtual tours and videos?

  • If you’re an accommodation, restaurant or activity supplier, pop a few new native videos onto your iBrochure for added sizzle. You can upload multiple videos. While you’re at it, update the rest of your content and chase the perfect product content rating: ensure your virtual tours are uploaded correctly, add some new product pics, remove outdated ones, and rearrange your gallery to display the strongest images first. Replace any portrait images with landscape layout, and ensure that everything is high-resolution <2MP to render correctly on all digital devices.
  • If you’re a tour operator, DMC or travel agent, try featuring bespoke video media on your itinerary landing pages for a jaw-dropping visual punch. You can also reflect your brand better by customising your itinerary templates with your own look and feel. If you have a unique perspective on a preferred supplier product, you can also customise the content for that product. It’s easy to check a supplier’s content quality and how well it might display in itineraries: when you look for products to add in the Itinerary Builder, the product’s content rating in Wetu appears beside its name. A rating of 60% or more means better-looking content available, and better-looking proposals for you.

Digitised for easy consumption

A thing of beauty must be seen to be appreciated – that makes visibility and access the other half of your battle. Your Wetu bag of digital tricks is ready to optimise access to your brand and make content easy to consume online, where travellers expect to find travel inspiration. And since they’re mostly searching on mobile, your content had best be mobile-responsive.

We’ve simplified distribution, so that all you really have to do is copy a hyperlink or code, and paste it where you need it. Recipients simply click and enjoy.

  • Add a live link to your iBrochure or digital itinerary to the body of an email, onto your email signature, even your out-of-office message.
  • Share links on your social media platforms. You can choose how to direct your audience’s focus – to a specific tab on your iBrochure, for example. And if you paste an itinerary hyperlink onto Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, the landing page image pulls through automatically onto the post.
  • Send or receive product/content updates quickly via WetuShare
  • Use the widget or API to embed iBrochure content and/or itineraries on websites. Consistent content across different platforms inspires confidence in your brand, and helps you control how your brand is perceived online.

Login and re-engage

In travel, image matters and looks count! Why don’t you pay some attention to get some attention? Position your brand at the forefront: re-engage with your product content and Wetu tools to extract every bit of aesthetic value and digital savvy goodness you can from the system.

Login to your dashboard now and show your best; then let tech do the rest.

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