Facebook remains a popular platform for travel research. Do you know how to use it to boost your business prospects?

With a little bit of help from your friends at Wetu, you can promote your brand, the destination(s) you sell, and your tours effectively via your Facebook account.

Facebook facts 

Why market on Facebook? According to the latest stats, there are a whopping 1.93 billion daily active users on the platform. Also, the most-viewed posts contain either video or photographic media, and that’s exactly what sells travel. Here’s what else we’ve learned about using the platform:

  • Visual content ‘lives’ longer on Facebook.
  • The best time to post is when your audience is most active.
  • Adding User-Generated Content (UGC) from happy customers will boost your brand credibility.
  • Facebook’s Ad Manager offers targeting options to promote content you want to highlight.
  • You can target your audiences by location, demographic, interest, behaviour (based on their purchase history and device usage), and Facebook connections.

You, Facebook and Wetu

So, how do you market your offerings effectively? Show them off with attractive, visual media and then promote them strategically on Facebook where your target customers are searching for travel inspiration. Here’s how using Wetu can help you:

  • Create visually-rich, mobile-responsive, digital marketing assets like this to showcase your tours. At the click of a button, you can even do a machine translation of your itinerary into the language of your target audience.
  • Compile an inspiration board of tour itineraries and digital brochures from your preferred accommodation, restaurant or activity suppliers – you only need to add one link to a Facebook post to showcase a range of options. Download a gorgeous image or video from one of the brochures for your post, or match up with a client pic, add a catchy caption or client review, and voilà!
  • Create a Facebook post featuring a tour itinerary – the video below shows you how. Bonus benefit: the itinerary will have an enquiry button that you can link with a unique URL for direct bookings.

Ready to give it a try? Register for a free trial now and take your travel inspiration to Facebook.

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