How can you stand out among other brands operating in your destination selling similar experiences, and win more sales?

Transform your tour itineraries into something different from all the generic offerings out there, for travellers seeking something unique and visually luxurious as they plan their next trip. 

Why customise?  

To differentiate your proposition and add a personalised touch to the sales process. By giving your itineraries an appearance that’s all yours, you can present your clients with proposals that are uniquely theirs. 

Customise how? 

By creating stunning, customised itineraries – set up a template once and use it repeatedly. Also customise the imagery and descriptions of destinations and products included in your tours.


Play with themes

Here’s how to get creative with your itinerary layout, look and feel: 

  • Navigate to Admin on your Dashboard to manage your Themes.
  • Create your own template themes to customise your itinerary outputs, including the itinerary landing page, country information, enquiry and contact details, images and more.
  • Select from a range of options under Classic Template Settings, including the itinerary header mode, trip summary mode, trip information mode, overview image display, documents, price and terms, destination and accommodation modes, and more.
  • Use the Template Styles tab to add your own stylistic nuances with different colour and font options.
  • Take your custom styling to the next level using the Advanced tools.

You can create new itineraries or copy an existing itinerary and create multiple versions that look very different from each other. Simply select one from your Itinerary Browser, copy it and apply a new theme to customise.


Show your perspective

Get the message across that you have a unique spin on an experience or destination. You can add your own visual assets and descriptions to the default to better represent your brand or personalise individual client proposals. Watch this:


No other travel brand is quite like yours. Log in to your Dashboard and showcase your perspective. 

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