How do you communicate that you’re primed to host your future guests with an experience they’ll never forget? Put the word out with market-ready content.

You’re still navigating changed trading conditions – some of your existing business relationships are either broken or uncertain. Do the tour operators, DMCs and travel agents that sell your destination know that you’re operational and what you have on offer? Reach out to them and unlock the door to new business.

Your content is the key. And Wetu is here to help you oil the lock.

Pick me!

Why should they choose your property, activity or restaurant when there are others in the same destination vying for attention? Time to get strategic about announcing yourself to the global trade.

We all know that content makes the travel trade go round – it is the currency that fuels brand discovery, feeds the dreamers, inspires sales, and enhances trade partnerships. It matters more now than ever before how your products are represented and how available your content is to prospective partners. The brand that wins their business is the one whose product offering is dressed up the best with irresistible, relevant content in a format that takes their marketing and sales collateral to the next level and is super easy for them to access.

Tget picked, your product must outshine the competition as you take it to market and reconnect with the travel trade.

Digital content is the new word-of-mouth

There are thousands of global trade members using Wetu for travel content to build tour itineraries and create inspiration boards – some are already your clients; others are looking for new experiences in your destination to sell. Use this opportunity to compete for their business by bringing them up to speed on what’s new (or what hasn’t changed) without anyone leaving their home office.

Here are our top tips on making the connection through digital content:

1 Update

Communicate that you have added some new value to your offering to entice a different market – maybe some room refurbishments, a new element to your activity, or new spin on an old favourite. With your product listing in Wetu, you can make changes to your content once and instantly update your iBrochure, embedded website content, or wherever else you display or share it. Your trade partners can trust they have your latest product information for their client proposals, and you save them from having to ask for it repeatedly.

2 Visual

Present a fresh perspective on your offering with new pictures, videos, and virtual toursIf you haven’t already, consider getting professional photographs taken of your rooms and new amenities or activities. Nothing packs a more powerful punch than a gallery full of high-resolution imagery that looks great on its own in an iBrochure, and equally stunning in a digital itinerary. An Enhanced listing in Wetu can do that for you, and give you control of how your brand is represented.

3 Detail

Refresh your fast facts, terms and conditions, company documentation, rates, specials, and unique features that characterise your offeringsAre your premises now pet-friendly or do you offer workspaces for digital nomads? These criteria help match the right products with the right clients – as Wetu users in partnership, you can connect operators with relevant, detailed product information in your profile, and they can use it to create a quick-reference inventory of their preferred products.

4 Share

Reconnect with current partners and connect with prospective partners that use WetuYour content now serves as a virtual site inspection that shows your products are ready for the sale. They can view your content while building itineraries, filtering through preferred product labels and tags, or looking for specials. They can search iBrochures by destination for new products to sell, re-brand, or market in digital catalogues. You can also connect with selected partners by direct email via the WetuShare feature to share information confidentially and initiate new collaborations.

Your content solution

The travel trade needs to understand your product offering as it is now – the most effective way to connect with them and communicate your relevance now, is through a digital show-n-tell. As you explore new business opportunities, take advantage of the fact that there are potential partners for you in Wetu, using the system to source content for their proposals. Put yours at the top of their wish list.

If you’re new to Wetu, sign up here to get started. If you’re already listedlogin now to do a full refresh.

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