No Accommodation, Restaurant or Activity supplier can afford to be without one. Forget the fear of the unknown and embrace the #FOMO, because the benefits of an Enhanced listing are overwhelming. Here are 10 reasons that will blow your mind:  

1. Save time Where else can you upload and manage as many pictures, videos, virtual tours as you want, together with descriptions, translations, specials, important company docs, and other product info in one secure location? It’s a centralised resource that your entire staff can use to respond quickly to content requests.

2. Easy to use Once you’ve got your profile set up, learn how to add or remove content, and regularly update it, the rest is easy. The system is so user-friendly, you’ll be juggling all your distribution and marketing tasks from one convenient spot in no time! You’ll be free to get on with the business of selling.

3. Better Content Management One person takes charge of managing your content, and everyone on your staff will know where to find and how to use it. No more outdated, irrelevant content in different formats that needs a lot of reworking, scattered all over and taking on a life of its own. Take control of how your brand is represented and how your products are showcased.

4. Simpler Distribution The mighty hyperlink makes it a breeze – add it to everything you send out. Link your iBrochure or Digital Catalogue to out of office responses, promo material, newsletters, your website, and on social media. Forget flash drives, drop the Dropbox, and quit sending out gigantic image libraries by email! Every tour operator and travel agent that clicks on your shared links will have your content at their fingertips. 

5. Content Portal It makes life easier for your reps and marketing staff to have your product hosted on Content Central, which hundreds of tour operators, DMCs and travel agents worldwide visit daily in search of great digital content (whether they are Wetu users or not). Get your content working for you even when you’re not.

6. Digital Sales Tools How’s this for a return on investment? An Enhanced listing enables you to create an iBrochure and digital catalogues (multiple brochures on one link); you also have the use a free Facebook App, the embed widget, and a direct booking feature. That gives you multiple digital channels to market and sell your products.

7. Don’t get left behind Increasing numbers of supplier companies have the Enhanced Listing. Tour operators in Wetu need their preferred suppliers (and you) to follow suit, so that their digital proposals look consistent and professional. Considering that travellers are becoming ever more tech savvy, don’t let your product be the one that gets overlooked.

8. Support the Trade Do your bit to beat the disconnect! Wetu users that sell tours want your best content for their digital itineraries, and having the option to rebrand your content in an iBrochure will already puts your brand ahead of the pack. Every detail you can provide, including specials, documentation, and media-rich content, further empowers your trade partners to compete for business.

9. Content Sells Optimise your content and develop it into a canvas of hi-res, landscape pics, videos, virtual tours, and concise descriptions, that tell the full story of the experience(s). You’re selling to a highly visual audience; so you want to give them plenty of gorgeous content to engage with, in a mobile-friendly format that’s easy and convenient to consume.

10. Green Solution The travelling public is becoming increasingly concerned with sustainability issues – a digital solution doubles as a green solution. Your paper brochures can be replaced by a simple hyperlink. No paper gets wasted (nor trees killed) when changes are made to the digital content hosted on an iBrochure.

The definition of enhance: intensify, increase, or further improve the quality, value, effectiveness or extent of…

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