Make it easy for operators to filter & find your products

29 May 2018 0

Increase the chances of your products being included in itineraries built in Wetu. The Operator/DMC/Agent Consultant Portal in Wetu features a filtering system that helps…

Saving your work in the Itinerary Builder

29 May 2018 0

The last thing you want to happen is to lose hours of work because it wasn’t saved properly! 🏗Get to grips with when the Itinerary…

Guide the trade on how to re-market your brand

22 May 2018 0

Tired of constant content requests from the trade?😖Or worse: agents and re-sellers dig up their own poor quality pics of your products from somewhere to…

Create & tweak itineraries with the Theme Customiser

22 May 2018 2

Want to present a client with a customised proposal either based on an existing itinerary or based on their unique requirements? The layout, style and…

Put some marketing mojo into your catalogues

15 May 2018 0

The experiences you sell are versatile!🎲Work some creative mojo into promoting your products and market your destination better with your Digital Catalogues. You can showcase…

Keep track of your bookings by Status

15 May 2018 0

For your own sanity and efficiency, manage your itineraries according to booking Status. Once the client initiates the buying journey with an enquiry, you can…

Make the Facebook App work for you

24 April 2018 0

You know your content should be visible, accessible and shareable on social networking platforms. Why? It empowers travellers, members of your community and fan club…

Bring some Business Intelligence into your work space

24 April 2018 0

Put your product knowledge, destination expertise, client knowledge and costing research together, and you’ve got some super valuable Business Intelligence to share. What you and…

Showcase what’s so Special about your city

17 April 2018 0

If you’re based in an urban area, there’s a lot you can incorporate into your basic offering to make your product(s) more attractive to visitors….