Helping trade partners sell your products better

25 February 2020 0

Not all your content is for travellers – there’s loads of info operators, DMCs and agents need to sell your products better. They have a…

Add word power to your content

18 February 2020 0

Complement the imagery used to tell your story and boost your iBrochure rating with concise wording that hooks your reader and appeals to the senses.🎣…

Control your printable default settings in Admin

18 February 2020 0

By now you know you’ve got lots more flexibility to customise the way your printed client docs look. Start strong by selecting the options that…

Manage your content & rule

28 January 2020 0

You’ve done well to load your content and work towards a 100% rating. Now check what it looks like from the user point of view….

Adding train routes to your itineraries

28 January 2020 0

With mobile accommodation by rail growing in popularity, you might want to include a train journey on your client itinerary. You have a choice of…

Content lessons to teach your trade partners

7 January 2020 0

As an act of kindness, you can eliminate the pains of content research by making yours super easy to find. Bonus benefit: you keep control…

Access to important docs made easy for all

17 December 2019 0

No one’s got time to upload the same company docs with each new itinerary created, nor do your clients have time to play hide-and-seek with…

Perfecting the pics that sell your products

17 December 2019 0

A new year needs a new look at your content. Commit yourself to better engagement with your precious product content! Renewal means applying some spit…

Quick iBrochure update of your rates

29 October 2019 0

You sell according to season – sometimes your rates differ completely from one season to the next, but sometimes the same rates apply to different…