Here’s a helpful tip!

A WetuShare email lands directly in your inbox, jam-packed with juicy content. How do you get your hands on all that essential info? Easy.🥧

  1. Click the View Files button in your email
  2. Accept the privacy policy and Ts & Cs
  3. You’re in!

Decide which of the sent media, document or information file(s) you want to view. Choose the size and quality of the images according to your needs. Enhanced listing info is available in a Word doc in multiple languages, enabled by Machine Translations in Wetu – select the language you’re most comfortable reading. When you’ve made your selections, you can download all the files you want to view with one click. You’ve got your supplier’s best content at your finger tips to inspire dreamers, inform planners, and get those enquiries rolling in.💌

This doc explains a bit more, or you can contact for further info.

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