The jeep rounds a corner and suddenly the bush opens before your eyes – a herd of elephant ambles along the edge of the road, grabbing the juiciest branches. You hear them crashing and crunching, fully immersed in the scene…all captured on screen.

This virtual game drive experience offered by andBeyond brings the magic of an African safari straight to viewers’ homes. Using expertly shot video, their WILDWatch campaign provides armchair travellers a window into pristine wilderness. Vivid scenery, candid narration, and animal sightings give audiences a taste of an authentic safari.

Where glossy brochures fall short, video has brought destinations to life in a vivid, visceral way. Since launching, WILDWatch has transported viewers to Africa and inspired them to embark on real-life adventures.

The power of video

The success of campaigns like WILDWatch demonstrates video’s power for travel marketing. Visual storytelling captivates audiences, evokes emotion, and inspires action. As travellers yearn for new adventures, video turns dreams into bookings.

There is no question that video has become invaluable for inspiring, engaging, and converting potential travellers. With its ability to forge connections, video empowers brands to showcase alluring destinations. In a world where travellers constantly seek new experiences, video becomes the bridge, connecting them to their dream destinations.

But beyond inspiration, video delivers real ROI. According to Wyzowl’s 2023 Video Survey, 86% of marketers say video generates leads. 81% report increased sales directly from video. The stats are clear – video converts. But why does it resonate so strongly for travel?

Evoking emotion through storytelling

Humans make decisions based on emotion. Vivid imagery, sound, and narrative help video tap into viewers’ emotions and imaginations. Videos tell stories that ignite wanderlust and adventure. Stunning visuals and scenes transport audiences, immersing them in new cultures.

Video also thrives on social media. In 2022, 66% of marketers created live-action social videos. Platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube facilitate publishing short, shareable content. This provides immense opportunity for travel brands to expand reach and engagement. By consistently producing captivating, informative videos, they build awareness and loyalty.

Further research shows consumers retain 95% of messages delivered via video, versus just 10% via text. Video powerfully sparks travel desires.

Create, curate and share

It is no surprise thus that today’s travel brands are investing heavily in generating engaging visual assets like photos and videos to inspire potential customers. But producing captivating content is only the first step – brands need an effective way to organise, share, and distribute these assets to reach travellers. This is where the Wetu platform delivers immense value.

By consolidating beautiful visual content and connecting brands directly with their distribution channels, Wetu enables seamless curation and sharing of media that sells travel. Our platform provides reach, saves brands time by centralising important sales assets online, and facilitates meaningful connections and collaboration within the value chain.

With a shared purpose of inspiring wanderlust in consumers, Wetu gives brands the technology framework to unlock the power of visual storytelling. These stunning visuals deserve to reach their target audience effectively, providing compelling, engaging, and inspirational content that effectively sells travel.

The rise of video content presents a golden opportunity for brands to harness its capabilities for storytelling, authenticity, virality, and immersion. Video is a potent catalyst that transforms casual browsers into committed customers. Therefore, in an industry that is constantly evolving, video remains an indispensable asset in the travel marketer’s toolkit.

And Wetu forms part of that future of travel marketing where rich video content curation and collaboration are key.

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