Travel content is all about quality and quantity – if you rate your content highly, so will the trade!

Your product listing is rated in Wetu – it signals the value your content will add to proposals that tour operators, DMCs and travel agents generate in our system. Go back to basics with your content and get the trade to choose your product over others.


A top score matters

Having a top rating means you have added a depth of content that is more likely to help trade partners convert the sale. It promises to:

  • make your product more attractive to their clients. A top Content Rating tells your trade partner that you’ve provided them with abundant, quality visuals and information that will look better in their proposals, and consequently, sell better.
  • fill the gaps in their product knowledge. A top score means your content is so comprehensive, that they won’t need to search elsewhere for more information, or consider other products.
  • be easier for them to use in proposals. With a high percentage rating visible beside your product in their Consultant Portal or Itinerary Builder, they can confidently click to view and pop it into itineraries.


Max out your rating

Consider what your trade partners need to sell their experience. Wetu’s Content Rating system is designed to help you pitch your product perfectly:

1. Identify which Supplier category your product belongs to – the content criteria differ slightly for each category.

2. Take note of the specific elements to emphasise if you manage static or mobile accommodation, activities, attractions, or restaurant and conference venues.

3. Get the quality of your product images right.

4. Each criterion has a percentage requirement. Your rating increases as you upload the relevant content – first prize is 100%! Here’s how:


Up the ante and present a superior view of your product: login to your Dashboard now. Contact if you need help.

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