Actually we’re everywhere┬áconsidering a simple link or some code gets our tools spreading all that awesome content directly from your computer to anywhere in the world with Internet connection! As for the regions we support, let’s just say we’re on course for world domination.

For your information and convenience, we’ve compiled a list of our supported destinations. You’ll notice some are marked with an *asterisk – those regions are a work in progress. We need your help to grow the content we already have in those areas. Even as you read this, we’re growing the list – our content loaders are hard at work populating the destinations but if you’re missing anything specific from here, you’ll have to let us know. Keep in mind this is a laborious process for it to be thorough, so please allow us the time we need to get there.


If you’re a travel product Supplier in any of these regions, it’s easy enough to ensure your products are┬árepresented accurately. Take some time to check if you’re satisfied with your content in Wetu. If not, get the help you need from; or bummer, you’re not at all in Wetu, then we invite you to take control of your own content right now, right here. Update and manage your content so that Operators/DMCs/Agents worldwide can access and use it in their itineraries, and sell your product(s) more effectively.

If you’re an Operator/DMC/Agent, now’s a good time to check if your preferred Suppliers are in Wetu and urge them to manage their content better. They may not understand how much you need their best content for your sales, so get talking.. You could even expand your target market and start building itineraries in new destinations. Why on earth not?

Wetu develops the platform and tools, but you, the travel experts, make it work together – everybody wins.

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