Meet Joe. Not an average guy – he is every man who would be traveller. What he dreams of, how he goes about searching for that dream, and this experience before, during and afterward – the entire travel buyer journey – is the reason we exist. Joe doesn’t know it but he’s looking out for the same clues all travellers seek on this journey: access; credibility; reliability. Your brand can be there every step of the way. Just follow the clues:ūüĒć

Joe has an idea of the type of holiday he wants. He looks for inspiration online Рon travel websites and social media. Where can he find you?

The Facebook app and embed option give him access to your content in the discovery stage.

Beauty draws him in and holds his attention. He loves clicking on links that promise an interactive experience. How do you make him believe?

With visually engaging content that takes him on a virtual journey right on his mobile device.

Joe sees your products elsewhere, on other sites with different branding.¬†How does he know you’re reliable?

Because the content is consistent and carries the logo of another travel brand he trusts.

Joe’s now ready to make enquiries.¬†How does he know he can count on you for satisfaction?


With your super fast turnaround time because you can build an amazing itinerary in minutes. Invite him to enquire directly from the itinerary after viewing it.

He’s got questions but doesn’t want to be kept waiting. A direct messaging option on his itinerary puts your service at his beck and call.

He loves the itinerary but wants some control over his choices. Where are you at this stressful stage of his journey?

A quick tweak here, some accommodation alternatives there, even reversing his itinerary, help him make a well-informed decision.

Joe’s mind is made up – his booking is confirmed. How does he know he’s made a good investment?

Because you’ve provided¬†up-to-date content¬†and lots of detail on activities available and recommended in-destination.¬†

His English isn’t bad but he’d rather have an itinerary in his own language. Machine translations¬†make your content accessible in German and Spanish, with 2 more languages soon to come.

Joe wants proof of what his hard-earned cash has paid for. How do you reassure him?

Reliable directions and maps, contact details for all service providers including guides, meet and greets, transfers, etc. and a personalised itinerary in digital, printed and mobile outputs.

Joe is pretty tech savvy, like a lot of modern travellers. How do you respond to his expectations?

Make his life easier by providing his essential travel info and documentation on an itinerary app that he can access conveniently at any time, on- or offline.

All he wants to do now is show off his upcoming trip to friends and family, to make them jealous. Can you help his excitement along?

Joe can post his itinerary on social media – digital links are made to share – and even directly from the itinerary app! This is also a way for Joe to recommend your brand to others in his community.

Joe has had an amazing trip! And because you were there every step of the way, he trusts you to design his next trip. How easy is it to access and compare your products?

Send him a selection of your tours (and recommended supplier products) showcased in an inspiring digital catalogue, themed by experiences or destinations.

As Joe’s holiday ends, it’s really the start of his relationship with your brand.¬†Contact¬†¬†if you need some help being there throughout the travel buyer journey.

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