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What happens when consultants goes off sick, on leave, or on a fam trip? Do you scramble around, wondering about the status of their booked or paid itineraries? Stop. You can easily check what trip arrangements are due when, such as payments to suppliers and service providers, with all your consultants added to your Wetu Calendar. Monitor the progress of upcoming trips, without having to dig into someone else’s files, notebook or laptop.

Essentially you’re adding the confirmed itineraries of individual consultants within your account. The Users tab in Admin lists the Names of your consultants. Tick the relevant name in the Consultant Calendar box on the left to view their itineraries. Here’s how. Select multiple consultant names and their respective itineraries will display along with their first initial. When you select consultants with the same first initial, the Calendar will display both name and surname initials to make it clearer whose itineraries you’re looking at. Click View Overview  of your absent colleague’s bookings to monitor their progress and check if anything needs to be done. All in one time-saving, easy-to-navigate, soul-saving spot!🔍

Listen to this webinar recording for more info on the Calendar functionality or contact for help.

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