We’ve made some exciting changes to the TravelKey app that will benefit both you and your clients.

From dreaming to travelling in a tap

Travelling with TravelKey in their pocket ensures a smooth experience for your clients, and fewer questions in your inbox. Foster excitement for upcoming trips by sharing the app with your clients just before they travel. You can now trigger an email from your itinerary browser or builder that will take your clients directly to the app store, and then straight into their itinerary! Once in the app your clients can access all their itinerary information, and it even works offline – so they’ll know what’s next wherever they are.

TravelKey How-To Gif

Heads up! If you’ve already been using TravelKey as part of your flow, you’ll notice “Mobile code” has changed to “TravelKey App Code”, and we’ve introduced the “TravelKey App Link” to eliminate the hassle of having to manually log in all together.

We’ve also made some nifty improvements, including:

TravelKey Countdown Feature

Count down the days until their exciting trip begins with a timer on the home page

TravelKey Day Slider Feature

Swipe left and right between day cards

TravelKey Settings Feature

Set map and temperature preferences, as well as flip between light and dark mode, in the Settings tab

TravelKey Accommodation Feature

View all accommodation information under one tab

TravelKey Categories Feature

Search for any important contacts or find contacts within the categorised list.

Step into your clients shoes by scanning the QR codes below:

Not currently an Enterprise client but want to offer your travellers their itinerary on the TravelKey app while they’re on the go? Get in touch with our sales team to upgrade your account.

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