An Instagram guide to tourism recovery for governments and small businesses

Welcome back to the world of travel

Slowly opening again, safely and responsibly, the globe is unfurling for millions of people who depend on tourism. Essential, exciting and absolutely exhilarating, the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has partnered with the creative, immediate, visually appealing and community building Instagram to show how just one journey can ignite change, spark dialogue, transform dreams into reality, share stories and make a massive difference.

Tourism matters, and now is the time to be bold and take the steps to feature how important the world of travel is for individuals, communities and our planet. The COVID-19 pandemic was devastating and unprecedented.

But we still found ways to connect. Virtually. Instagram allowed us to share the burden with live broadcasts and online events to remind us of our desire and need to be connected, even in the most challenging situations. Instagram is designed to captivate the best of what you have to offer. So, show off your spectacular landscapes, iconic wildlife, unforgettable sunsets, dazzling cities and inspire us – let’s light up Instagram like a night sky illuminated by planes.

Not au fait with Instagram? Don’t worry, this guide will show you how to maximise your campaign’s impact by planning a content strategy that makes the best use of the app’s visual capabilities and storytelling features.

  • Highlight your favourite moments and key messages using your best photos, videos and graphics.
  • Stories provide the perfect opportunity to post interactive content that gets your community involved and engaged.
  • Engage directly with your audience in a virtual event or intimate chat. Connect in real-time by launching an Instagram Live from anywhere—with up to three other accounts simultaneously.
  • Encourage interactions with people by taking questions and expand your reach by inviting special or high-profile guests to join you.
  • Catch your audience’s eye with short videos set to trending music and sounds. These mini videos also let you display engaging effects and cool visuals.
  • The Guides feature lets you group a variety of Instagram content—ideal for creating a multimedia tourism or travel showcase—in one visually-striking, easy-to-scroll collection.

People want to feel safe while on Instagram and trust that their accounts are safe from tampering as well. Check out features and tools to protect you:

✔Enable two-factor authentication

✔Avoid phishing and other hacking attempts

✔Manage your account using audience controls

✔Control and manage your comments section

Let Instagram and the UNWTO take you on an irresistible journey traversing and connecting with the world. 👈 CLICK IT

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