Catapult your brand to elevated heights with Hootsuite’s latest Social Trends 2022Don’t get left behind while your competitors are TikTokking, Tweeting and Facebooking – social commerce is thriving and customer care is roaring.

Tap into creator communities to learn more about customers, simplify content creation, and build brand awareness and affinity. Streamline the buying journey with social commerce and watch your sales shoot for the stars. Deliver world-class service across your social channels and outshine the competition. Your pioneering journey starts here…


  • Authenticity, connection and trust is where brand strategy is headed.
  • Digital communities have never been richer, more vibrant, and more impactful on our experience of daily life than they are now.
  • Nowhere are these communities being created—and catered to—more than on social media.
  • Facebook, TikTok and Twitter are all leaning towards a shared space, a place of caring, connection and community.

“Thriving communities on social media present a big opportunity, especially for smaller brands. You no longer have to create a niche community from the ground up—you can find a community that you fit into and if you show up for them, they’ll do the same for you.” – Maggie Lower, CMO Hootsuite


  • TikTok, Pinterest and Snapchat will become high priority as they are proving more effective for reaching business goals.
  • Consumers are holding brands to a higher standard when it comes to creativity—but they’re also rewarding those that get it right.
  • Brands that want to stand out in 2022 will have to work harder to create ads that mirror and enrich the distinct experience offered by each social network.
  • No one wants their experience on any social network interrupted by ads from brands that are as boring as they are self-serving.
  • Brands that advertise successfully on these networks understand that audience mindset is key.

TREND THREE – THE ROI (return on investment)

  • Share the love, create richer experiences for employees and expand social value.
  • For over a decade, marketing leaders have struggled to quantitatively link social media to business outcomes.
  • Now, after being forced to rely on social media more during the pandemic as a core channel for keeping up with customers, managing service requests, and making sales—it seems something has clicked.
  • Businesses that are extremely confident in measuring their ROI are looking at the holistic benefit of social media on their marketing practices—beyond just direct sales and conversions.


  • The brand’s voice, its core platform to engage with, sell to, and service customers.
  • Shoppers on social media aren’t just scrolling feeds and clicking “buy now” buttons on sponsored ads for consumer-packaged goods. They’re using social media for every stage of the purchase journey, across almost every product category.
  • In 2022, small businesses will work to extend the experience customers have with their brands across social storefronts and real-life, while global enterprises go big testing the limits of the online shopping experience.


  • Demand for customer service over social media has been surging.
  • Post the mayhem of COVID-19 with demand, staff shortages and unhappy consumers, social media managers now find themselves in an ideal position to play the hero and steer their organisations through the upheaval.
  • Consumers, fed up with waiting on hold, have discovered that service delivered via social is immediate, convenient, and effective.
  • In 2022, business leaders will look to social marketers to take a greater role in customer service. Pioneering social marketers will break from their departmental silos to build deeper inroads with customer service teams and take more action in delivering customer care.

The spark is lit, now win the social media battle!

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