Worried about losing sales because you haven’t had the time or money to do proper marketing?

Save time and money – get in front of your customers by leveraging Wetu’s incredible reach across the global trade.

You can show what your experience has to offer by including up-to-date, striking photos and videos in your content. Your trade partners need the best you’ve got to sell your product!


Manage cost-effectively

Your product content is your primary marketing asset. We’ve simplified the process of managing it – because simple saves you:

  • Have a single, centralised point of access for everyone on your team. 
  • Upload product images, videos and descriptions in one format (rather than multiple formats like Dropbox, flash drives, and aging PDFs). 
  • Store all your essential booking and contact information, rates and documentation in one safe place
  • Your entire team can collaborate on your content for brand consistency
  • Content updates and refreshes are available to your entire staff and clients. 
  • Create a digital brochure and catalogue that represent your brand and experience. 


Distribute cost-effectively

Your brand needs to reach across the global tourism trade and travel community – because content is only as effective as its reach:

  • Have one platform to push out your content to multiple online channels
  • Enjoy exposure to thousands of trade members on the content portal without lifting another finger. 
  • Share links to marketing collateral on email, social media, your own- and third-party websites. 
  • Send links once, saving time and effort with instant updates for your recipients on all content changes. 
  • Prospective clients can access and view your product content online 24/7
  • Introduce your brand to new prospects and do quick digital follow-ups. 
  • Tour operators, DMCs and travel agents can repurpose your collateral to re-market your product to their clients. Here’s how rebranding could work for you:


Ready for a streamlined marketing strategy that supports your business needs? Start now by registering your product on Wetu.

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