In the competition for new business, do you want to increase your chances of discovery and conversion?

Imagine if you could grab more attention, engage your audience better for longer, and present an effortless buyer journey… That’s how to edge out the competition and become an easier choice for future guests. 

From interest to action in six steps

Pitch your offering to target customers where they search for products and make travel decisions. Here are six steps to take with your sales and marketing assets to turn interest into action: 

1. Make it mobile 

Most travel research starts on mobile devices. Your target customers will go online on their smartphones to discover new places to stay and eat, things to see and do. If your marketing assets aren’t mobile-responsive, they should be – check this out on your phone

2. Make it shareable

Get more eyes on your product with marketing assets that are easy to access and share online, on social media or by email. Showcasing your product digitally enables viewers to simply click a link to access your site, then copy, paste and share the link with their community. 

3. Provide quality visuals 

Nothing sparks interest like immersive travel photos, videos and virtual tours because they help your future guests envisage themselves enjoying the experience. Lure them in and induce #FOMO with a digital gallery of hi-res, full-screen visuals.

4. Make it interactive 

The longer visitors stay glued to your site, the more likely they are to take the next step to your booking page. Interactive digital assets keep them clicking and exploring while they feel empowered to choose what to learn more about.

5. Provide comprehensive info

Don’t leave them wandering off into cyberspace looking for missing information. Everything your target customers need to know to make a decision about booking your product should be at their fingertips, including Ts&Cs, safety protocols, and policy documents they can download and view. 

6. Provide easy access to you

Once they’re persuaded that your product is the one, seal the deal with a friction-free enquiry process. Direct contact details, booking portal URL, etc. make it easier for them to take action. It’s easy for you too – watch this:

We invite you to register with Wetu and take steps to make your product an easier choice.

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