Want to ensure that your property shines through the clutter and is the one that gets chosen?

As the manager or marketer of a hotel, resort, guesthouse, or B&B, it’s a major challenge to get your message across in a competitive space. Travellers, as well as tour operators, DMCs and travel agents all want instant gratification, with easy access to inspiring product information at all times – everywhere.

Hook them with consistent, attractive marketing assets that showcase your property effectively, with optimal digital reach.

Why it matters

Purchasing travel is a personal, sensory experience – travellers dreaming about their next trip look for beautiful visuals to inspire them, and lots of it.

With the travel buying journey originating online, you need mobile-friendly marketing assets that make access simple. Your assets must also be easy to manage and update in order to promote your product efficiently.

And, your target market lives all over the world; so, your product must have global exposure, 24/7.

What you can do

Wherever your target audiences are, you can give them convenient access to inspiring product information in full, in mobile-responsive format. The more detail you provide, the better informed their decision to book.

Trade partners using Wetu to source products for their digital itineraries will recognise quality assets by your Content Rating – the higher the rating, the more attractive it will make their client proposals, the more likely they will choose your product. This would include:

  • facilities and amenities;
  • number of rooms/units and their descriptions;
  • activities and dining options;
  • photos, videos and virtual tours;
  • relevant safety and company documents;
  • rates and specials;
  • maps and directions to your property; and
  • all your contact details.

Upload once and update in one safe place – wherever your assets are viewed, only the latest info and imagery will display.

Get the message across

Show why your property is the one to choose, then spread the word globally and quickly:

  • With an iBrochure in your distribution toolkit, you can share its URL in emails, newsletters, social media, WhatsApp, and other digital channels.
  • Hundreds of thousands of global trade members will be able to view your product here.
  • Display your assets consistently on websites and blogs using an embed widget – just like this:


Being efficient and effective gives you back time to grow your business. Register your product now.

*Featured assets courtesy of Babylonstoren

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