Here’s a helpful hint!

When things get busy at work, it helps having a system that remembers operational tasks for you. There are specific times to collect docs for visa applications, to process payments, issue travel docs, etc. You can create reminders for everything important that needs to happen before, during or at the end of a trip. 🛣With your Calendar, set yourself and your colleagues reminders of deadlines at any stage of a booking where there are time-sensitive operational tasks due. 

From your Dashboard, go into your Calendar. The Create Reminder button in the top right corner opens a pop-up where you can enter details for the reminder: what, when and who. Add a title, timeframe and link the person(s) you want notified. Tick Select all consultants if you want everyone to receive the reminder or select individuals by ticking the box beside their names. Reminders will be sent via email to the addresses loaded in the Personal Details section; so ensure that consultant email addresses are updated under the respective user profiles. Follow these easy steps – it’s that simple! Then sit back and get on with your work without the fear of forgetting something important.🐠

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