The new experiences, destinations, and collaborations you need to diversify your offerings are closer than you think! The solution is online, in the cloud.

Your regular supply chain and traditional target markets have shared a bumpy rollercoaster ride recently. It’s time to get going again with new business prospects, but for many tour operators, DMCs and travel agents, starting over can feel like being thrown in at the deep end.

Fortune favours the brave, the forward thinkers and technology adopters – this is where Wetu comes in.

How not to stay put

Rebuilding trade relationships could take months, even years, but your business needs a reboot now. Without feet on the ground and in-person meetings to shake hands on new deals, this moment calls for a viable online networking solution.

Do you know any other system that centralises the point of engagement between your brand and thousands of product suppliers across the globe? The Wetu system makes networking and activating new supply chains easier for you.

Finding new prospects

It’s been over a decade since the first suppliers uploaded their content in Wetu. Since then, our tally has grown exponentially, worldwide. Accessing a vast, free content pool, especially one that’s curated for you, already saves you from searching for hours for relevant product content for tour proposals. We invite you to exploit this convenience. Diversify your business in two moves:

1 Source new destinations and products to sell

You’ve got options: continue to specialise in particular destinations but identify new products in them; or add a new destination to your repertoire. The content portal hosts destination content including imagery and descriptions for countries, regions, cities, towns, must-see landmarks and sites, attractions, and other important visitor info, as well as content for accommodation, restaurants, venues and activities. There are defined routes and in-destination information in the Wetu system to help you map itineraries and stitch together detailed tour experiences. It couldn’t be easier.

Content Central is a digital smorgasbord laden with supplier brochures, represented geographically: North America; Latin America; Africa; Oceania; Asia; Europe. Wetu account holders have additional access to the abundant free listing content in the system to find products to include in itineraries. Why not dip in and play around with some new products or destinations? Build a few itineraries, and see how quickly you go from exploring options to showcasing brand new experiences.

2 Develop new collaborations around marketing content

Done effectively, an itinerary can be marketing and sales and retention tool. That requires evocative, emotive content that tells stories of meaningful, once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences. Having identified like-minded brands in Wetu that complement your reboot plans, you can now ensure that their product content has the star power to attract and convert interest, and keep the dreamers coming back for more.

Suppliers in Wetu are categorised by type (villa or boutique hotel, river boat or tented camp, activity or restaurant, to name a few), with unique content rating criteria for how to present them best. A high Content Rating means greater aesthetic value and comprehensive product info; for you it means relevant, phenomenal-looking itineraries. If the content for a product you’d love to sell lacks lustre, contact and collaborate directly with the supplier and help them understand why you both need them to up the ante – send them this how-to guide. If they want your business, any products lingering on a basic listing should really boost their content to iBrochure levels. In the final analysis, it favourably impacts your sales experience, and gives the product more exposure – a win-win situation for you, your new supplier and the traveller.

And just like that, you wind up with an arsenal of gorgeous new itineraries – you can even customise them to target different markets. Create destination-themed digital catalogues featuring branded sample itineraries and rebranded product iBrochures, then take it all to market.

Hop onto your digital network now

Take this opportunity to diversify your offerings. You can revive your business by identifying new prospects and developing new partnerships in Wetu – it’s like crossing paths digitally with other travel brands, but safely (and considerably faster) in the cloud. 

New to Wetu? Register for your free trialAlternativelylogin to your Wetu Dashboard and explore the possibilities.

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