Changing things up is necessary from time to time – refresh your visual assets to attract new attention to your offering.

Your property, restaurant or activity can be showcased in various ways to promote and sell it. Optimise the photos and videos on your Wetu profile to keep potential customers hooked into your site, and browsing through your entire offering.


Storytelling visuals

The story of your product has several components – here’s how to jazz it up: 

  • Aim for more 

Not all travellers have the same priorities! Provide an abundance of photos and videos to showcase your rooms and units, activities and dining options, your surroundings and destination, to cover the wide range of interests your target audience might have.

  • Follow best practice for image uploads

Be mindful of what you choose to display and how – here’s a reminder of how to get the angle, lighting, perspective and subject matter right for your travel photography. Also, don’t upload pictures with low resolution – the minimum should be 648 by 432.

  • Size it up and lay it out

Optimise image dimensions by following these recommended sizes for hotel, room, activity, and restaurant images, as well as iBrochure Splash Page and Cover images. As a good rule of thumb, keep it at a minimum of 500KB; the ideal size is >2MB. Choose landscape layout over portrait for the best display.

  • Consider the outputs

Take note of where and how your product pictures and videos display in your iBrochure, embedded with your content widget, included in a digital or printed itinerary (where your first three images uploaded will display), and how they render on mobile. Choose images for your iBrochure Splash Page, Slider and Cover sections on the Overview tab, according to the impression you wish to convey when someone first enters your iBrochure.

  • Arrange and re-arrange

The order in which your visuals are arranged helps portray the purpose of your brand and focus the story of your experience. Watch this:


Keen for a quick asset refresh? Log in now and update the visual story of your experience.

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