Travel photos drive decisions – are you showing off what you have to offer in the best light?

Documentary photographer, Marc Wilson, says that while technique is important, the power behind a photograph is the story it tells. Following our masterclass on marketing with visuals, we’d like to help you reignite interest in your travel products through storytelling photography.

Lights, camera…

Whether you hire a professional or take your own photographs, consider the following as you set up your shoots:

  • Brief

Outline your objectives: Who’s your target audience and what are you selling them? Stay on-brand and on-theme: if it’s comfort, focus on cosy spaces with soft furnishings; if it’s luxury, emphasise the glitz and glamour elements; and so on.

  • Mood

What weather conditions show your product off best? Early morning and late afternoon natural lighting is optimal. Twilight creates an atmospheric mood for exterior architectural and urban landscapes. For interiors, create depth and texture by using stage lamps and overhead lights.

  • Perspective

Make rooms appear more spacious: shoot from corners or doorways; position the camera below shoulder height; or use a wide-angle lens. Keep your camera stable and horizon level to avoid blurry, slanted mishaps.

  • Focus

To focus on a particular feature, ensure you remove background distractions. Less clutter adds dimension to a photograph. Clean the area well before a shoot – polish surfaces to a lustrous shine. Position unique features in mid-shot or employ the rule of thirds.

  • Subject

Photograph people and places. For example, a wellness retreat seems more inviting without a soul in the shot. Spectacular views too – from windows, from above and other vantage points. But photograph your staff to showcase your fabulous service. Avoid staged shoots with models – capture ‘real’ people and their facial expressions, working or enjoying themselves.


Now, tell your best story with stunning photos to update your Wetu listing:

  • Check resolution and dimensions before uploading.
  • Arrange and display the best first.
  • Customise your iBrochure Splash Page, Cover and Slider:

Login to your Dashboard and put the power of photography to the test.

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