What beats handing over clunky flash drives in person? The same thing that beats time-wasting copying, pasting and reformatting product pics to be emailed..😩 Manual content distribution slows you down, uses up precious labour resources, and puts you at risk of losing business. Stop that! Hyperlinks to your content are super quick to create and send in so many ways – it’s distribution simplified to make work much easier for you and your re-sellers.


You can hyperlink your entire iBrochure or individual tabs inside it – feature your Virtual Tours or Image Gallery and more. You can link your entire Digital Catalogue if you have one. Put those links on email signatures or anywhere digital that you send out or share with clients, and also on social media. It’s as simple as: create link, copy and paste! It will get your brand seen everywhere and changes are instantly visible too. Remember: people love to click on links! It keeps them engaged with your content for longer.💍Contact support@wetu.com if you’re not sure what to do.

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