Optimising your content’s return on investment

29 January 2019

Here’s a helpful hint! You’ve loaded your best product content in Wetu, bumped up your Content Rating, you regularly update and refresh it. Fabulous!🎉 Now…

How your iBrochure works even when you don’t

20 November 2018 0

Planning to take some time off at the end of the year?🏖 Tourism never stops and you don’t want your brand to go on holiday…

Power up your hyperlinks

27 March 2018 0

What beats handing over clunky flash drives in person? The same thing that beats time-wasting copying, pasting and reformatting product pics to be emailed..😩 Manual…

Content Distribution 101

13 March 2018 0

Content is King, but Distribution wears the pants. Inform everyone from sales to marketing, operators to agents, international reps attending sales meetings and trade shows, that…