It’s no good having your specials floating around in different places, different formats. No good having no specials either! Not only do they provide extra value to your clients, but they can also help sell your property better. Here are 7 explosive ways to get more bang out of your Specials.

1. Put it in Wetu. That’s the start. It’s a place of centralised access in a super, single format for your convenience. Anyone on your staff can easily load a special and all your specials will look consistent and professional. Check this out.

2. Focus it. Categorise your specials according to Type & Special Interest and empower operators to search for and compare specials easily and quickly. Deliver the right special for the right client.

3. Valid for travel/booking. Specify the time period your special is valid for booking and when it’s valid for travel. If it’s expired, we remove it; so nobody books an expired special. Deliver the right special at the right time.

4. Add more! Target various markets and interests by adding more specials. The more specials you’ve got, the more targeted they can be, the more your property will appear in searches. No more needle in a haystack.

5. Manage it. Take ownership of your specials & earn yourself a reputation for reliability. Keep your specials current, relevant and targeted – Operators will love you for taking all that frustrating admin out of their hands.

6. Spread the word. Make it visible in the Specials Portal, circulate the links to your specials and put it in your iBrochure. Expand your reach significantly and get your property in more sales than faxing, posting, printed pamphlets could ever hope to achieve.

7. Control it. Enjoy better control of your specials inventory: what you make available, when to pull a special depending on demand or your sales strategy; whether to make it visible to trade only or also to public. The power is yours.

Dynamite is loyal to the one who lights the fuse.

Dean F. Wilson, Skyshaker

Go on, light your Specials fuse. In Wetu terms it means you getting the most value out of your content. Need help? Consult this doc.

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