The higher your content rating, the more favourable you are to operators looking for products in your area. Represent your brand with the right content emphasis. Today’s tip covers 2 new categories. Not sure which your product falls under? Ask This guide will help you optimise:

Ideal content for category3⃣ Train, Mobile Accommodation, Cruise Ship, Houseboat, Luxury Yacht, Riverboat, or River Cruise breaks down like this: Description 5%; Images (10 images all over 2MP) 40%; Fast Facts 5%; Facilities 10%; Room/Villa/Unit/Cabin Types 10%; Activities 10%; Documents 10%; Contact Details 10%.

Ideal content for category4⃣ Game Reserve, Resort, Lodge, Luxury Tented Camp, Private Safari Lodge, Tented Camp or Safari Lodge breaks down like this: Description 5%; Images (18 images all over 2MP) 30%; Video 5%; Fast Facts 5%; Facilities 5%; Room/Villa/Unit Types 5%; Activities 10%; Specials 10%; Documents 10%; Contact Details 10%; Getting there (Directions, Airfields, Physical Address) 5%.

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